Terms of Use

Use of our Site

BW Terrain and Forge is both an informational site as well as a E-commerce site. By using out site you acknowledge the terms and conditions we set forth. 

Shippable Products

BW Terrain and Forge products are shippable currently to anywhere in the continental US. (sorry we are unable to ship to HI and AK). Packages are generally prepared within 2-3 days after receipt of payment, and shipments are sent out only Monday through Friday. When you purchase your products we will show you who can ship to your area, and what shipping methods and pricing they offer. Currently we offer UPS as our courier so once a package is sent we will for drop-off without signature. Upon request, we will ensure a link online to check the tracking of the package.

Shipping charges include the packaging costs and postage. Packaging costs are fixed, whereas shipping costs change depending on the total weight of the shipment. Shipping fees will be based on the cost from UPS between our production vendor and your address you provided.

Returns of Shippable Products

Please realize physical products ordered are actually built custom for you. At  this time we can not provide refunds if you do not like a product. We can only offer refunds or reshipments for items that have defects or were damaged during shipment. If the package results damaged at the time of delivery, do not accept the package and immediately contact BW Terrain & Forge's customer service. The damaged package will return to BW Terrain & Forge and it will be sent a new one as soon as the damaged package will be returned. In case the package go missing during shipment contact BW Terrain & Forge's customer service, we will take the responsibility to solve the problem and to ensure the delivery of the purchased item. If a customer wants to request a refund of the spent amount for a damaged or not-conforming product, the refund will be made only after the package has been returned to BW Terrain & Forge, just to allow us to determine the compliance of the refund request.

Digital Product Awareness

By reading this statement you are confirming that you are aware that some products with in the BW Terrain & Forge web store are digital, non-tangible, non-refundable downloads. Products are delivered via a download interface in PDF or ZIP digital format and are clearly labeled as such within product details & descriptions. Product downloads are limited to prevent abuses.

Conditions of Use / What you can and cannot do with our products
Except as may be otherwise indicated in specific documents within the website, you are authorized to view, print, build and download documents, audio and video found on our website for PERSONAL, and NONCOMMERCIAL purposes only.

You may not modify any of the materials (except in the case of BW Terrain & Forge specific "kitbash" submissions ), you may not copy, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, insert into other mediums, publish, license, create derivative patterns based on BWTF, create software or transfer or sell any information or work contained on this website. You are not authorized to "re-sell" your digital purchase via other markets modified or otherwise and or in other formats. You are not permitted to sell resulting works from digital models which you have physically constructed using BW Terrain & Forge copyrighted materials.

Except as authorized under copyright law you must obtain permission before reusing any copyrighted material that is available on the website. The use of any such material on any other website or networked computer environment is prohibited. You will not remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices from material found on this website. Violation of any of the above terms will constitute a breach of this agreement and may potentially result in litigation.