There are lots and lots of different kinds of paper out there to choose from but one thing that you should know it about paper thickness.

in the US paper, our measures of paper weights are based on a pound rating. The pound refers to the weight (e.g. 80 pound) of a paper refers to the weight of 500 sheets in the paper's basis size. The basis size varies with the type of paper. The rule of thumb though is the higher the pound rating the heavier the paper.

For people outside the US you want to Check the gramature (grams per meter square or gms) of the paper to decide whether you should use it or not.

The most common kind of paper is 75gsm. It's not thick enough for most of the projects you may find out there but it is still usable for simple projects (like cubic papercrafts). For terrain projects, I normally recommend people to use a 120gsm paper as it's not too thick for small pieces but it's thick enough for bigger pieces.

For this page I will be referring to the US rating.

Inkjet or LaserJet Paper

  • Brightness: 96 to 98
  • Weight: 24 lb
  • Size: Standard US 8½” x 11”. If using
  • A4 sized paper, please refer to the
  • Printing section for details.


  • Type: White
  • Weight: 110 lb

Photo Paper

  • Type: matte finish (This option is the most expensive)

Note: Personally I use prints on regular paper, especially if I’m getting laser color copies from a vendor, it’s cheaper than getting the copies on card stock. The colors are more vibrant and the level of blacks is much darker than working with inkjet. Regardless of using inkjet or LaserJet prints, I’ve found that by using spray glue to apply the color copies to card stock gives the model more durability.


Most of our printable products are set up for the standard 28mm-30mm tabletop wargaming scale, and for US letter-sized (8½ “x 11”) sheets. Before printing, verify under Page Handling that the Page Scaling option is set to ‘none’. The Auto-Rotate and Center option can be checked. Make any other print quality adjustments as needed. If you are printing on A4-sized sheets, you may want to reduce the print size to 95% of the original.