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Digital Products
1.Why can't I access the digital product  I just paid for?

Thank you for your order. Your product is actually available on your order history page as soon as Paypal confirms your payment. Normally an email from us would be sent to you upon receipt payment. Its possible this email went to your junk mail folder.

However you can easily get your items by simply follow these steps and you should be all set

1. Click the login button at the to right of any page on bwterrainforge.com
2. Once logged in you will arrive at you personal account page click the "ORDER HISTORY AND DETAILS" button
3. The resulting page will show all you orders click on the order reference id in the left column of the one in question .
4. On the resulting page you will see your invoice click on the product name and it will download the .zip file.

Please let us know if you have any further issues.

The BW Terrain & Forge Team.

Paint Shop Services
1.What You Are Buying?

All our work is put on the website. We do not put up the best work and deliver something different. If you like what you see in our Galleries, you will like what you receive. That is what you are buying. We are proud to display our work.

We take already existing figures either provided by you, or we can purchase them for you.  Using a survey we have you fill out, paint and decorate the miniature. Throughout the process we will send you images for you to confirm we are going in the direction you want. We will then send you a shipping estimate to send the miniature(s) back to you. Once you have provided the payment we then package the miniature up and ship it back to you.

BW Terrain & Forge’s technique involves traditional methods of painting, shading and highlighting.  We also use priming method of Over-spraying. Over-spraying is when you spray over a primer at an angle, leaving the primer showing at the recesses.  When using the overspray and other techniques like dry brushing and flat brushing, it is common to leave the primer showing at the deepest recesses and underbellies of the models, creating a shadow effect.  

Higher level services (above level 1) will also include discussions with you on customizing or personalizing the miniature. This can include adding features, small details or patterns painted on to a section of the figure, augmenting or kitbashing the miniature with other features so it is unique for you. 

Please note: we also take pictures and videos of the work we do so realize the work we do for you might show up in our paint shop gallery or one of our you tube videos.

2.Can I contact you about my Paint Shop project?

Prompt communication is very important. You are welcome to initiate contact– please do not feel like you are being a bother– you are the client we are always glad to hear from you. We’re like the front desk of a five star hotel– our sole purpose is to please you. You can call us at 781-367-6081 or email us at help@BWTerrainforge.com 

As we work on your project we will send photos and your work might be part of our Youtube channel.

Our goal will be to show you what we are doing at every step of the way. At anytime if you want to stop us and have us make a change contact us right away and let us know in detail what you want changed. 

Keep in mind we need to wait for glue and paints to dry between each step so this gives you some time to contact us but don't delay. For example if we send you a photo of the base color, you have till the next day to make changes. Otherwise if we have already shaded the figure, it is too late and cant really revise the paint wit out destroying the detail of the sculpt and delaying your figure.

3.Can I get a movement tray for my army?

When you order any of our army services, you can either provide a movement tray with you miniatures, or you can purchase one from us. This is not required for our army services, but its a nice way to cluster your troops for easy movement.

Please note: If you purchase a movement ray from us we will magnetize your miniatures and the tray so you can easily move them and not worry about them falling about, and allows you to easily remove them as they get killed off. 

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